Sandbar Sunday

Label Design + Branding
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were inspired by the bright, bold, colorful lifestyle of the Florida Keys, and their ritual of heading to the sandbar every Sunday.
For this project, we worked with Truth Collective and Sixteen Ton in Rochester. The client picked this direction from a variety of directions presented. For this concept we

Thinking Cap

Type Design
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urges people to "Put on your thinking cap. Perfect for a-ha moments, problem-solving or contemplating life's greatest mysteries."
Holiday Matinee had been dreaming this product up for years, and we were happy to help them bring it to life. The 5-panel cap

Mercy Home + Farm Team Apparel

Logo Design
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designed this monogram for them and Chicago's Mercy Home for Boys & Girls, Saturday Basketball League.
Farm Team Apparel aka "Minor League Duds"is a fun apparel line that also gives back to various charities across the country. We

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Film Orange

Logo + Website Design
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awesome stuff. The site is fully responsive, implements parallax scrolling, and it was a ton of fun
to work on.
Logo and website design for Film Orange, a production and creative house that partners with brands, agencies, and humans to make

Mavin Technologies

Website Design
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established by Truth, we designed and developed this custom Wordpress site, making it easy for the client to keep up to date.
We teamed up with Rochester based Truth Collective to design this website for a technology company also in Rochester. Taking the brand


Website Design
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location. Now they have a modern, fully responsive site, which houses information and photos for all 3 locations.
Website design for a New York City based restaurant with 3 locations. Previously Valbella had separate websites for each

Pint & Cup

Logo Design
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the globe. The website is new and very much under construction,
but stay tuned for some cool stuff.
Logo design for Pint & Cup, a blog and website that will showcase great coffee and beer finds from around

Buffalo Fan Alliance

Logo Design
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Done for Eric Mower + Associates.
stability and existence of professional sports in Buffalo
for generations to come.
The Buffalo Fan Alliance is an organization that works to create innovative community-based
policy aimed at ensuring the

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Converse Ink

Miscellaneous Graphics

extremely humbling, it's not often a designer gets a call from such an internationally recognized brand that he happens to love, and wear almost daily, honored.
Graphics for "Converse Ink", which prompts customers to "get your stuff inked". Available in Converse's Boston, New York City, and Santa Monica flagship stores. Being asked to participate in this project was

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Jake & Steven

Party Invitations

The result? An illustrative, rustic, and fun, double sided invitation—perfect for a good old fashioned party.
Jake and Steven are friend's of founding partner Nick, to help out with a surprise party for them, he offered up his services.

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Labatt Blue Light

Promotional T-Shirt Designs

Rather than just slapping the logo in the middle of shirt like most companies do, Blue Light wanted QCS to come up with original designs that fans of the beer would actually enjoy wearing out in public, not just while mowing the lawn.
Labatt Blue Light, is a Canadian beer and its U.S. office is right here in Buffalo. Labatt is part of the North American Breweries family—the largest independently owned beer company in the U.S.

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Signature Development

Logo & Website Design
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The site is designed to give visitors all the information they need and want while looking for a new place. Location, features, cost, and nearby amenities are presented in a unique and graphic style that compliments the loft properties themselves. is a site dedicated to showcasing the affordable but luxurious loft properties located in downtown Buffalo, NY and owned by Rocco Termini/Signature Development.

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Icon Design

The icons needed to be simple and bold, but most importantly work in various sizes both in print and digital formats.
We were asked by Euro RSCG Chicago to develop a set of 6 icons to be used for "deal-a-day" promos on various print and digital pieces.

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Strictly Social

Logo & Website Re-design
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QCS was approached to design a new identity to convey the theme better and follow up with a re-skin of the Wordpress theme in place. is blog that delivers great content consisting of "big dreams, good music, and expensive taste".

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Tourist 2 Townie

Logo & Website Re-design
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After concluding his first, year long stint in Argentina, Gareth came to Queen City Studio looking to elevate his brand before going on his next adventure in Columbia.
Gareth Leonard is a man determined to go from "Tourist 2 Townie" in
just about every country south of our border.

Note: Upon completion of design the client assumed all responsibility of the website and branding.

Pete Yorn

T-Shirt Design
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Rob's designs weren't picked but Pete Yorn messaged Rob directly on Twitter asking if he'd be interested in using one of the designs on a t-shirt. The rest was history and a dream come true for Rob.
After seeing the entries for Grammy-winning recording artist Pete Yorn, Rob felt it was his duty as both a fan and a designer to come up with some designs.

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Logo Design

Various Logo Designs

They're also one of our favorite projects to work on, below is a collection of some what we'd like to think are our best.
Logos are one of the most important visual elements in the world. They're what people always remember the most, whether you're a major corporation or an indie rock band.

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Poster Design


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T-Shirt Design


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The BFLO Series

Personal Project
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This is an ongoing series of visuals that pay homage to my beloved city.
Buffalo will always be a catalyst of pride and a reminder of who I am, where I'm from, and where I'm going.

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Lovin' Cup

Website Design
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More information and images on this project coming soon!
Lovin' Cup is a bistro and bar located in Rochester, NY.