Queen City Studio
Queen City Studio
Queen City Studio is the only full service Photography Studio in the heart of Allentown, Pennsylvania.


about us

"Queen City" a name given to Allentown, Pennsylvania at the turn of the Century.  Owned & Operated by Andrew Tomasino, an award winning portrait, commercial, and editorial photographer. Andrew's experiences spending time in studios from across the world (China, Dubai, Paris, London, New York) have lead him to open the first full service studio here in the booming area also known as the Lehigh Valley. It's been his muse since moving in 2016. 

Experience in the Photography world is only one major step in order to run a professional creative space. So who better than to help but Ashleah Tomasino, a wildlife rehabber, teacher, and artist. Together with their son Onello (they call him "O") Andrew & Ashleah have created a space where Creativity can thrive. Queen City Studio is a space for anyone utilizing natural light, in need of proper Photographic Equipment for their projects, or to simply enjoy the view. 



Our Services


studio rental

That space you see above? Yes, it's actually available for your creative endeavors. Need natural light? We got it. With windows facing South, you have natural, golden light cascading over the building the entire day. The warm wood floors soak up the light, throwing it off the clean white walls surrounding the shooting space. 


Studio strobes, soft boxes, your tride-and-true umbrella ... it's all here at Queen City. Our carefully crafted tools will help bring you success for your shoot. Along with stands, and other grip needs. We'll even show you how to use tools you want to get familiar with. 


Your a local photographer, you've got a shoot, but no extra hands to help you out. Let us assist you on your shoot at Queen City Studio. From lifting your gear to the clean up after the job is done, we'll help you do it with style and professionalism. 


Gaffer's have been used since the dawn of filmmaking. A Gaffer is the lead lighting tech for a production or photo-shoot. Give us some examples of the lighting style you want, and we'll achieve it. No questions asked. 


post production

So your shoot is wrapped, but you haven't the time to retouch it yourself. You've got other business to conduct, and you need the job done with laser precision and focus. Hire us to do the heavy lifting for you and your clients. Our retouching skill was forged in the fires of high-pressure  photo shoots in NYC, and we're always up for the challenge. 


Andrew Tomasino is available to photograph for a variety of styles and clientele. With over 10 years of experience in the skills listed previously, he has the ability, knowledge, and vigor to make beautiful photography for you, your family, or your clients. 

This studio completely puts Allentown on the map for Photographers within the New York, and Philadelphia area. Beautiful light, it’s a great home for creatives in the Lehigh Valley...
— Drew Gurian.






full day rental

Full Day (6+ hours). Studio Manager will be there to assist with small needs. 


hourly rental

Hourly rental. Studio Manager will be there to assist with small needs. 






Use our professional Strobe lighting and Modifiers to elevate your studio shoot. 


assistant/gaffer (DAY RATE)

Hire a qualified assistant and lighting tech for your professional or personal shoot. Consult with us with example material and we'll get the lighting to your exact look. 




Retouching can give a unique look to your photography, but your hectic schedule may not allow the time to sit behind the computer to do so. Let Queen City Studio do the heavy lifting. Remove blemishes, enhance makeup, or collaborate with us to create a truly unique look.  By staying in contact during the process, Queen City Studio can provide you with the very best service to get the look you want. Or remove something that you don't :] 

Need a custom solution for your shoot? Let us handle that too. We can build you a service package that works for your production with precision and care.



work made here.





Reach out to the Premiere Photography Studio here in the Allentown, Pennsylvania. We look forward to hearing about your concepts, projects, and you!