About Queen City Studio

We are a collective design studio, meaning there are no bosses, no managers, no assistants—just talented creative types working together and directly with our clients. Practicing the age old "strength in numbers" philosophy, we've banned together in an effort to offer our collective experience.

Queen City Studio is a graphic design studio based in Buffalo, NY with years of experience specializing in print, packaging, branding, and interactive design. We have joined together in an effort to help reinstate Buffalo as a manufacturer of quality through the practice of good design.

Rob, Founding Partner
Specialties: Branding + Interactive Design

After college, I moved to San Diego to escape the comfort of home and get experience I didn't feel I could find in Western New York. Since then I've worked on campaigns for Yahoo! Fantasy NHL, NFL, MLB, and NBA, Volcom, Asics, Newcastle Brown Ale, Yamaha Watercraft, Rogers, FLO TV, Startrac Fitness, Toshiba, Kyocera, Serengeti Eyewear, Aptera, and Electra Bicycles. Partnering with Victoria's Secret, ESPN, Fuse, the X-Games, NBC, Discovery Channel, MTV, UFC, and even the Buffalo Bills. As great as all that is, for me it's never been about the magnitude of a client or a project, it's always been about the quality of the work being done.

So here I am, back in the city I love, doing what I love. I am dedicated to helping put Buffalo back on the map—as our slogan says "re-instating Buffalo as a manufacturer of quality through the practice of good design."

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Nick, Founding Partner
Specialties: Branding + Print Design

Right out of college I got a job as a designer for a marketing department in my hometown of Rochester. Something I knew I wouldn't be permanent, but as a recent grad I knew I needed to take what I could get. In the fall of 2007, I decided to do part-time freelance designer to fulfill my addiction to doing work that was meaningful to me and those I created it for. In a little over a year, I had built up a decent list of clients. It has been exciting designing for such a wide range of clients and doing work that I feel is worthy of being done. Eventually I decided to try out freelancing full-time. It was one of the best decisions I have made to date—along with promising myself to never stop skateboarding, snowboarding, marrying my beautiful wife, and moving to Buffalo.

Buffalo is a city that I have always admired. For as long as I can remember, my family has cheered “Let's Go Buf-fa-lo!” while we watched the Bills and Sabres. I moved to this hard-working, historic, and cultured city seeking new opportunities—and I found them. Awhile back we began creating Queen City Studio, tossing around ideas of how things should be done and deciding who we wanted to be. But our goal has always been to establish Buffalo as a city that produces great design work.

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Doug, Partner
Specialties: Rich Media Design + Advertising Strategy

Ensuing college, I decided to remain a Buffalo local and explore the world of advertising and design in my hometown. Working mostly with small businesses and startups, it wasn’t until I received my Google Studio and Quality Assurance Certification that I found something that really sparked my interest – mass digital advertising. Opportunity came quick and I soon found myself creating campaigns for companies such as ABC, Ford, Disney, Geek Squad, Fifth Third Bank, Exxon, Fiat, and Capital One. I am no stranger to large advertising campaigns, but it has always been the individual user I design for. The design should show pride whether it is seen by 20 million or just one.

I am born, raised, living in, and loving Buffalo. There has always been something about this city and its people that intrigues me. Even after all these years, it seems like Buffalo always has something new to explore whether it be food, architecture, history, or the occasional dive bar. I'm proud to be part of showing that Buffalo can run with the best of them.

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Emily, Partner
Specialties: Packaging + Print Design

After completing my degree at The School of Visual Arts in NYC I started working with a small boutique design firm in Manhattan. That was a really wonderful opportunity for me to work with some really great clients and further develop my visual style and point of view. Soon after I graduated I also started freelancing on the side, which would become my full-time job a few years later. This allowed me to focus on designing things that most interest me, like wedding invitations, print materials and packaging.

Growing up in Buffalo I have always appreciated the history and the arts – it just made sense to move back and contribute to the city that we all know and love. Being a part of Queen City Studio is such a great opportunity to collaborate with other artists who believe that Buffalo has what it takes – all through the practice and love of good design.

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