about us

"Queen City" has been used to describe Allentown, Pennsylvania since the turn of the Century. Owned & Operated by Andrew Tomasino, an award winning portrait, commercial & editorial photographer. Andrew's photographic experience in studios around the world have given him a unique eye when finding this incredible shooting location. It's been his muse since moving in Fall of 2016. 

Experience in the Photography industry is only one major step in order to run a professional creative space. So who better than to help but Ashleah Tomasino, a Wildlife Rehabber, Teacher & Artist. Together with their son Onello (they call him "O") Andrew & Ashleah have created a space where Creativity of all kinds can thrive. 

new york -> allentown -> philly

WITH ONLY 90 MINUTES FROM new york  &  EVEN LESS TIME FROM philadelphia, QUEEN CITY STUDIO IS IN THE CENTER OF IT ALL. we welcome creatives from both PLACES to join us in this not-so-distant METRO AREA.