PHOTOGRAPHY BY Queen City studio

Andrew Tomasino is a Portrait Photographer, DIRECTOR, AND THE OWNER OF Queen City STUDIO. During his decade in the photo industry, Andrew has created the opportunity to work in China, Dubai, Paris, London, BUDAPEST, & Cuba. he can often be found in New York City or Philadelphia producing work for commercial clients and magazines. Andrew prides himself in making his subjects at ease and gets them to enjoy the process of getting their picture taken.  




Andrew's favorite part about the job is embracing the constant change that his career presents... 

“I look at each of my assignments as an opportunity to raise the bar of my client's relationship with photography, and the quality they should expect for their business. From large commercial projects to headshots, I embrace learning something new from my clients and having them appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into image making.

When Andrew isn’t helping build client's brands with professional imagery, he’s using his camera to document his family Onello and Ashleah around the lehigh valley. As of 2018, Andrew helped start a collective in the Lehigh Valley as a platform to educate, inspire, and motivate those who are interested in making photography a career. 


There is no reason why you or your business shouldn’t have access to photography worthy of the cover of a magazine - something that Andrew and his studio have produced countless times in his career. Andrew has been used by Lehigh Valley Style for cover stories and features every month in their magazine in the past year alone - most recently being selected to photograph the prestigious “Faces of Lehigh Valley” business portfolio. His background working for some of the best photographers on earth has given him the professionalism and know-how to solve problems and create images for the following selected brands... 

Manfrotto, Lastolie, Nikon,, DOTERRA, PAXOS Restaurants, Lehigh Valley Style, Gertrude Hawk, Electric California, Funk Brewing, Easton Public Market, Fellowship Community, Macungie Animal Hospital, Equinox Reality, and Homebase Skateshop.