DEPICT COLLECTIVE: Kicking it off...

My idea behind the studio when I so joyously moved in over a year ago was to make sure that I was utilizing the space for the creative community, in addition to making work for myself. A while back, a colleague and friend of mine JT set off on a mission to create the same atmosphere and community, and it was birthed as the Depict Collective. 

The first event was huge, then we held another event that was smaller, and slowly things trailed off. After some long talks, JT and myself decided 2018 was about really making the most out of the collective. JT has been instrumental in getting this together, and keeping the idea in my head long enough to make it happen - I couldn’t be happier with our new spirited effort. 

Our first Workshop for Depict Collective! 

Our first Workshop for Depict Collective! 

Together JT and I were set on having an event that invited anyone interested in shooting new work with some of the talented people we’ve met so far in our careers. JT shoots, I shoot, we’ve both been on set many times, sets large and small, dealing with time crunches, all while working with a team to get the shots we really wanted.  

Photo by  @thejtsite  

Photo by @thejtsite 

So we decided to duplicate this as an exercise with those in attendance. First off, we split the studio into two separate parts. One half natural light, the other half with strobe lighting provided by the studio along with an amazing contribution from JT. 

Photo by  @dandre_will

Photo by @dandre_will

The talent was paramount in making this happen - our first set was with a badass local musician by the name of ERUZA 5 - you can check his music out here. As well as boutique L O V E  O B S E S S E D, run by Stacy Dill: @loveobsessed who provided us with a lovely model Sara Noelle Repsher @sararepsher and clothes from her Quakertown store. 


Image by @tsingermedia

Eruza Five_1.jpg

Image by @martyfm

The groups had one task - work together (one shooter with two assistants) in about 15 minutes to create an image that they’d be happy sharing. The tight timeline was to ensure that we had some pressure on everyone to work hard in order to get their shot efficiently. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked to make a meaningful image in under 5 minutes, and that pressure has lead me to maintain my cool when doing so, and to also know when I really have what I need, so I can move on to something else.  

Image by  @eonimaging

Image by @eonimaging

Working with assistants is also not a luxury everyone might have. Hell - I rarely get to use assistants on all of my jobs! It’s weird when suddenly you have help to join in on crafting an image with you. Directing and managing a team on set can be nerve wracking, also another great reason to put people in teams. 

Image by  @Ltgustin

Image by @Ltgustin

The rest of the work you can see on full display in the coming weeks on our personal instagram ... we'll be featuring more work from our talented artists who came out for this event! 

We plan on continuing these events, and if you want to be involved, you absolutely need to email the studio. I have plans on having a portfolio review very soon with some of my favorite people, and hopefully a few special guests. Email, get involved, and take part in this amazing Lehigh Valley based community. 



Andrew Tomasino