EDITORIAL: Jeffrey Phillip for Lehigh Valley Style...

Jeffrey and I worked together for his feature in Lehigh Valley Style for the March edition of the magazine. Jeffrey has an incredible personality which can be seen on everything from Good Morning America to the Katie Couric show as he brings his expert organizational skill and interior design to millions of people tuning in. I decided to contrast Jeffrey's talent of organization by building a set of cluttered chairs to use as his backdrop, all of which came from within our incredible space here in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania. I was please to have Jeffrey come from New York City to work with me on making these unique images! Check them out below... 


I also wanted to give Jeffrey the task of actually organizing something in front of me - simply out of interest. I took this as both an opportunity to work on an additional set I constructed, while getting a little class in organizational skill. I love the way these two images work together as one, showing the excitement to get to work followed by the realization of  accomplishment. 


It was absolutely awesome to shoot someone who's talent on TV transfers to still images. Catch all of Jeffrey's adventures over at his website: http://www.jeffreyphillip.com