Portrait Session

60-90 Minutes with Award Winning Portrait Photographer Andrew Tomasino. 5 Finished (Retouched) Images Delivered via dropbox. +$50 per person for groups of 10 or larger.


Location Portrait session

Studio built at location of your choosing. Best for Commercial Businesses, Law Firms, & Health Practices with over 5 employees. +$50 per person for groups of 10 or larger (retouching available at hourly rate for larger groups.)  Images Delivered via Dropbox. 


Commercial Work

Commercial work is quoted based on project, usage, and production costs. Please reach out and our Studio Manager & we'll build out a custom quote for you and your business. 

 Studio Rental Rates



full day rental

Full Day (6+ hours). Studio Manager will be there to assist with small needs. 


hourly rental

Hourly rental. Studio Manager will be there to assist with small needs. 






Use our professional Strobe lighting and Modifiers to elevate your studio shoot. 

  • (3)  AB800 Strobes
  • AB800 Ring Flash 
  • (2) 1'x3' Strip Banks
  • (2) 8' Shoot Through Umbrellas
  • 5' Indirect Octa
  • 2'x3' Soft box 
  • Various Stands, Grip, Extension Cords, Backdrop Support & Papers by Request. 


assistant/gaffer (DAY RATE)

Hire a qualified assistant and lighting tech for your professional or personal shoot. Consult with us with example material and we'll get the lighting to your exact look. 




Retouching can give a unique look to your photography, but your hectic schedule may not allow the time to sit behind the computer to do so. Let Queen City Studio do the heavy lifting. Remove blemishes, enhance makeup, or collaborate with us to create a truly unique look.  By staying in contact during the process, Queen City Studio can provide you with the very best service to get the look you want. Or remove something that you don't :] 

Need a custom solution for your shoot? Let us handle that too. We can build you a service package that works for your production with precision and care.